Best Selling Pillows - Side Sleeper Pillow - Kapok/Latex with Organic Cotton Cover by Lifetime Mattress

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Hand-made in California by Sleep Artisan especially for LifeTime Mattress, our Latex/Kapok Side Sleeper pillow was designed with your personal comfort in mind.

Many people are concerned when purchasing a pillow is if it is the right height or loft for their comfort. The central feature of the Side Sleeper Kapok/Latex pillow is its adjustable loft, which can be raised or lowered simply by removing its comfortable and supportive filling.

Simply unzip and remove fill to obtain the perfect height and firmness for you. Store the remaining filling in a plastic bag or container for later use. This allows sleepers to customize their pillows to find the height and firmness that works best for them. 

Made with a filling of natural kapok and  shredded latex , not only are these materials non-toxic, dust mite resistant, anti-microbial, and non-allergenic, they're also breathable, working in tandem with the Side Sleeper's open ventilation design to keep your head cool and comfy all night long. Our Side Sleeper Kapok/Latex pillow is encased in a Certified 100% organic cotton cover. 

Dimensions: 28" x 17" x 6"

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