Some residents of Sacramento, California who are having trouble getting a good night’s sleep may want to consider buying brand new mattresses. Luckily, Sacramento mattress sales promotions from certain online vendors allow you to get quality mattresses at affordable prices. With just a few clicks, you can order that comfy mattress you’ve been dreaming of.

While some may be wary about buying a mattress online, there really isn’t much of a risk. According to, a sleep product research website, a survey of 17,000 mattress owners established that owner satisfaction isn’t all that different between people who try out a mattress at a retail outlet and those who don’t. For example, 63 percent of people were satisfied with an innerspring mattress bought at a showroom, while 61 percent of customers were satisfied with buying a similar mattress online. also cites two reasons why there isn’t much of a difference. First, people who buy online are more informed as consumers; they tend to do a lot of research before buying the product, with some even testing out similar mattresses in showrooms. Second, trying out a product at a showroom doesn’t really guarantee satisfaction since 20 percent of mattress owners reportedly become dissatisfied with their purchase.

The great thing about buying online is that it lets you avoid high-pressure sales situations. Some consumers would rather not haggle for discounts on possibly overpriced mattresses, when they can simply compare prices online. It is thus not surprising why a lot of consumers turn to reputable mattress discounters in Sacramento like The Healthy Bed Store for wide selections of organic beddings and mattresses.

Furthermore, says that online retailers are quite aware of the perception of greater risk attached to online shopping given that consumers can’t physically test products prior to actual purchase. As a result, online mattress stores tend to offer better return policies compared to brick-and-mortar showrooms. Depending on the vendor’s return policy, you may find it easier to return a mattress purchased online if you aren’t satisfied with it.

Changing your mattress might just be the key to a good night’s sleep. If you don’t want to deal with pushy sales people, then you may consider buying online. You’ll be surprised about the potential savings a reputable company like The Healthy Bed Store has to offer.