Getting a good night’s sleep may be more crucial to fitness than diet and exercise. According to Wendy Donahue’s article for the Chicago Tribune, the kind of mattress you sleep on can determine the quality of your sleep and, consequently, your ability to slim down. A study by University of Chicago researchers reveals that sleep deprivation impedes fat cells’ ability to metabolize insulin, which then leads to weight management concerns.

Meanwhile, other studies reveal that people who lack sleep find it hard to focus on their tasks and to retain new information, thereby reducing their ability to learn. Sleep-deprived individuals also have a tendency to react negatively to perceived threats rather than keep their cool and deal with conflict in a logical manner. Discriminating consumers in Sacramento, the country’s 35th largest city, therefore turn to trusted Sacramento mattress stores like The Healthy Bed Store for quality mattress options.

The article quotes one Dr. Neil Stanley as saying that although people spend about a third of their lives in bed, they may not be very particular about what they’re sleeping on. Dr. Stanley further states that sleep is more important than diet or exercise when it comes to overall health. It is, thus, wise to consider your mattress as an important purchase.

To help people choose the perfect mattress, independent consumer site Sleep Like the Dead compiled several thousand reviews on a range of mattress varies. The options include the traditional inner-spring or coil mattresses, which is what most people grew up with, as well as other materials like memory foam and latex. However, comparisons are highly subjective, as website founder Nick Robinson readily admits.

Robinson, thus, advises consumers to do their own bed hopping to discover what really works for them. What may be good for one consumer may not be comfortable for another; as such, before buying any kind of mattress, lie in it for a few minutes. If you feel that it provides the right back support and firmness, then you’ve probably found a suitable option.

Finally, you may want to check out what reputable mattress stores in Sacramento like The Healthy Bed Store can offer you. To save on cost, it is also worth considering paying in cash rather through credit card. Otherwise, see what financing options are available to make the purchase lighter on your pocket.