As you set up a nursery for your baby, one of the most important considerations is what type of crib mattress to purchase. Babies and toddlers spend 12 or more hours per day asleep at night and for naps, which means that their mattresses get a lot of use. A Naturepedic organic cotton crib mattress can help your child grow well with restful sleep, while at the same time eliminating the health risks and allergies caused by synthetic materials. With these tips, you can choose the right Naturepedic organic crib mattress for your child.

crib mattress

Quality of Materials

The quality of the materials used for the construction of the mattress is a critical factor in your purchase decision. Look for mattresses with a fine outer cover made from 100 percent certified organic cotton. This cotton cover should be backed by a flame resistant wool layer. The thicker the outer covering, the more durable the crib mattress will be. Also look for mattresses that are puncture resistant and use natural latex to help keep the inner layers of cotton, hemp or wool dry. The last item is particularly useful in case your child is a heavy nighttime or nap time wetter.

Interior Features

While the mattress' outer covering is important, so are the interior materials. A natural foam mattress is lightweight and can be aired out if your child's diaper leaks. The denser the foam, the more durable and supportive the mattress will be. Look for mattresses that have several cushioning layers of organic cotton to provide additional comfort for your child for sleeping time.

Tight Fit

Your child's new organic crib mattress should fit tightly into the crib. You should not be able to fit more than two of your fingers between the crib's slats and the edge of the mattress. A properly fitted mattress helps to prevent your child from getting stuck while rolling over or standing up as he or she gets older. Bring along a tape measure when you go shopping in stores like The Healthy Bed Store for Naturepedic organic mattresses in Sacramento to ensure that your choice will be a good fit for your crib.

Crib Mattress: Buying Guide.