A mattress can make a big difference in your daily life. Despite the busy life you may lead, you probably always start and end the day on a mattress. Therefore, why shouldn't you start every day right on a mattress that is healthier, safer, and better for the environment? What separates an organic mattress from an ordinary mattress may truly surprise you!

It seems that everyone is following the organic trend these days. Just as organic foods are farmed without pesticides, hormones, or other questionable materials, the same applies to materials that comprise organic mattresses.

A safely manufactured mattress is much more important than you may think. After all, you spend up to a third of your life sleeping. You spend every second of those eight hours a night exposed to the many chemicals in your mattress, some of which are the last things you'd want to be near! This is especially crucial for developing children. Fortunately a Naturepedic organic crib mattress can make a positive impact on their early stages of growth.

The most widely used chemicals in mattresses are flame retardants. By law, all mattresses must be fireproof to a certain degree. However, such products are extremely harmful, and are linked to allergies, decreased sperm count, hormone imbalance, and in high levels of concentration, cancer, thyroid problems, and autism. Additionally, manufacturers do not have to disclose what flame retardants they use. There could be THOUSANDS more harmful chemicals that you don't even know about!

Many mattress manufacturers have caught wind of this, and create so-called "green" products. Yet these can be misleading, especially those that bear labels such as "soybean" or "plant-derived" foam, or bamboo foam as they still consist of harmful fabrics that happen to be made with bamboo. There is one way to know for certain if your mattress is 100% safe: Check the certifications! Naturepedic organic mattresses, for instance, have received:

  • The Greenguard GOLD certification - Naturepedic matresses are tested for chemical emissions.
  • The OSC100 Organic Content Standard - All materials used in Naturepedic mattresses are tracked from beginning to end of the manufacturing process. 
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Environment Certification - Naturepedic mattresses are certified formaldehyde free. 
There's no reason not to buy organic mattresses from a supplier such as Healthy Bed store in Sacramento, which offers the healthiest organic mattresses you can get. The California drought is putting a massive strain on the environment, which gives you all the more reason to buy an organic product.

Organic Mattresses: Why We Switched, Wellness Mama