Confused by all of the new Gel mattresses on the market today? Mattress manufacturers are now using a variety of gel formulations, all claiming to be the best.

The uses of gel is not new – honey-comb shaped gel has been used as a hospital bed overlay for critical care patients for over 18 years to help prevent and heal pressure sores. This is the type of gel that is used in our NexGel mattresses on display in our Healthy Bed Store showroom in the Sacramento, Folsom, Roseville area.

The uses of gel in mattresses comes from the reputation of foam mattresses retaining body heat – gels are added in a quest to improve temperature regulation in foam constructions.

There are three formulations most commonly used in mattresses today:

  • Gel-flecked memory foam or latex – these flecks look more like beads or pellets. This is the type used in the iComfort type of mattress.
  • Gel-swirled memory foam – the gel is mixed inside the foam. This is the type that is used in our Bed In A Box memory foam mattresses
  • Soft but solid layer of gel poured over memory foam or latex.

Gel is also used to create phase-change materials, which claim to store and release energy from the body and is able to warm or cool the sleeper as needed. Phase-change materials are used in memory foam, latex and can be used in the ticking or cover of the mattress.

Our Pure Latex Bliss mattress and toppers use a patented Talalay GL gel-infused latex with phase-change materials and is available in rapid- or slow-response models. While natural latex is already a cooler mattress material to sleep on, the addition of the Active Fusion Covers add a much cooler element that you will not find with standard natural latex mattresses