First of all, Happy Mother’s Day 2013.

In the last few weeks, we have had many Moms in our store – Mother’s-To-Be, New Mom’s and Mom’s of all ages. All of them with a common problem.

They’re too hot in bed!

They are sleeping on mattresses that are holding in their body heat, literally roasting them and preventing them from falling or staying asleep. Some are having menopause (personal summers as one friend calls it). An upstairs bedroom can be too warm to allow the body to cool down.

All of these hot Mom’s came to the Healthy Bed Store to find a solution that would help them sleep better. We have many different ideas to choose from:

1. Many name-brand memory foam and pillow-top mattresses are made with high-density foam that traps body heat. Our newest Bed-In-A-Box mattress, the Serenity, has a cover made from Outlast fabric, a phase-changing material that absorbs and disperses excess body heat allowing sleepers to remain at their ideal sleeping temperature.

2. Our Pure Latex Bliss Active Fusion mattresses are made from Talalay GL latex with cooling gel in both the cover and the top latex layer of the mattress. Some of our customers purchase just the AF toppers to put on their existing “hot” mattresses.

3. Our DreamFit Degree 4 mattress protectors fit on top of the mattress like a fitted sheet and are made with DreamCool – a moisture wicking, cool performance fabric.

4. For the ultimate solution, preferred by our customers going through menopause, is our Chili-Pad. This pad is put on top of your mattress and cool water circulates to disperse body heat. The water can be cooled down to 46 degrees and up to 118 degrees for heating in the winter. We have a pad that can be used as a trial loaner and is backed by a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If your Mom (or your spouse) is having a difficult time sleeping due to being too hot in bed, bring them in to try our cooling solutions.